Mega Jump 2 – Leaping To All New Heights?

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3/5

Fast paced fun | Easy to pick up and play | High quality design

Looses checkpoints of original | Another endless jumping game | Missions dilute scores


Redford and friends are back to Mega Jump anew in the just released Mega Jump 2 endless jumping sequel. Whether you’re familiar with the original, or not, you can jump right into Mega Jump 2 as it’s made for simple pick up and play. The game is fashioned after a typical endless jumper, but switches it up by offering a fast paced flow as compared to monotonous jumping on platforms. Your character gets a boost with each coin he collects, so you can propel yourself upwards quickly by chaining together a streak of coins. There are also deluxe power-ups to provided a huge boost during your ascent.
The sequel maintains the coin jumping style, but adds to it in a number of ways beginning with a new mega mode. You can collect tokens in addition to coins, and each token contributes to the mega mode meter, where you then transported to a bonus mode with tons of coins. The sequel also includes a new mission system, which is par for the course for endless games. In the case of Mega Jump 2, you complete missions to increase your multiplier, and then your score on the leaderboards is impacted by your multiplier level. There are also enhanced power-ups, and characters with special powers, and a new prize system. One of the most noticeable changes is a new game engine to enhance the flow of the fast paced endless action. It’s also worth noting that the sequel has been designed from the ground up to be free to play, while that aspect came to the original after an update. It’s still relatively optional, but all of the extras seem a bit pricier.

No matter how you slice it, you’re still left with another endless jumping game, which is an especially tired genre three years after the original Mega Jump was released. The sequel essentially offers more of the same, without really changing anything major. One disappointing omission in the sequel is that there are no checkpoints, which was the best part of the original. In Mega Jump, you could jump to a certain height to then unlock a checkpoint corresponding new environment, and then restart your next effort at that high plateau. The checkpoints made it feel like more than an endless game, but that feature is no where to be seen in the sequel to make it feel even more redundant each time you play. One nice new addition in the sequel is that the entire experience appears to be more challenging, but in doing so it sacrifices the flow of hitting long streaks of coins as you leap higher.

Mega Jump 2 (Free, Universal) offers fast paced fun that is enjoyable for a few moments, but it can’t shake the repetitive endless nature. It’s a worthwhile pick up for free, but it doesn’t leap ahead of the competition, or even the original.


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