Mega Run – A Platform Changing Gaming Experience

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Perfectly suited for iOS | Action packed | Tons of replayability | Great level design

Could use an endless mode | A double jump scheme may be a bit smoother

Mega Jump just may be the best endless jumping game in the App Store because of the checkpoints, power-ups, coin flow, and replay factor. After more than a year in the making, Get Set Game has released a sequel entitled Mega Run. Unlike Mega Jump, Mega Run is an actual platformer adventure reminiscent of Sonic, rather than just an endless affair. The game includes four worlds with 64 stages total to run through, and each one is packed with action. There are multiple paths to take, tons of enemies scattered about, and of course an overload of coins.

Redford returns for the action, and runs automatically, and you tap to jump, or tap and hold to jump higher. The entire game brings all of the flair and style of Mega Jump, but creates a whole new gameplay mechanic that feels perfect for iOS. Each level is made for a relatively short consumable speed through so that you can pick up and play in a few spare minutes. You can also keep playing because of the very engaging nature of the smooth difficulty curve, and great speedy gameplay balance.

One of the highlights of Mega Run is the replayability because you can earn a three star score, and collect three gems in each level. It’s tough to do either in the first run through, and you’ll want to replay a number of levels to collect everything. The forks in the road make it challenging to collect all of the gems, and only add to the overall duration of the experience. The power-ups are also a highlight whether it’s the fireball, enlarge, magnet, jetpack, freeze, and more. The power-up animations are excellent and they perfectly align with the true power that is involved.

The game improves upon the great art style of the original, and all of the speed flows beautifully on iOS. There’s simply so much to like about Mega Run, and the game is completely free to enjoy. There are very optional in-app purchases to upgrade quicker, but everything can be unlocked and collected just by playing through all 64 levels. You even have an experience bar to level up, and unlock new power-ups and characters. There’s just so much incentive to keep playing, though it would be nice to see a bonus endless mode with the running style.

Mega Run (Free, Universal) was well worth the wait as Get Set Games has done a phenomenal job in making a whole new game based upon the Mega Jump world. The game is also a perfect embodiment of the evolution of the endless genre, and what the next stage is. Mega Run is a must have that’s perfect for iOS, and is simply one of the best games on the platform. Radford has become the new Sonic.


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