Mekorama – Puzzling Over Beautiful Craftsmanship

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Interesting 3D puzzle challenges | Great level design | Finely crafted experience

Levels can be a bit slow progressing | Need to find new levels outside app

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Life isn’t always easy for a tiny robot that doesn’t exactly fit the mold. Last year, you were tasked with helping that tiny robot through a puzzle filled recycle area in Odd Bot Out. Now, the tiny robot has stumbled into a new series of 3D mechanics diorama puzzles in the newly released Mekorama. The charming main character returns, but now there are all new puzzle mechanics as you get to interact with a 3D diorama. The game is a bit reminiscent of Monument Valley on iOS as well as Captain Toad on the Wii U with the full diorama style level presented on screen that you can rotate 360 degrees.
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Mekorama stands on its own with each puzzle world offering a unique system of intertwining mechanics to contend with. The game doesn’t use optical illusions to present challenge, and instead presents layered mazes through mechanical construction. It’s all about finding the right order of operations to guide the robot to the finish point. You will need to spin gears, slide blocks, avoid electric nodes, push other robots out of the way, and more. There’s so much polish to the entire experience, and each of the 50 included levels will offer a nice degree of engagement. The game doesn’t have timers, scores, or stars, and instead focuses on delivering relaxing gameplay that you can play at your own pace.

In addition to the 50 included levels by the developer, there’s potential for a limitless supply of levels. Mekorama includes a level creator allowing you to make levels as well as play levels created by other users. You can easily share any level to social media, and scan QR codes of levels that others have shared. The level editor is as easy as tapping to place the various block types, and the inviting nature allows for a lot of potential new levels down the road. As you create levels, it also allows for a greater appreciation of the levels included. You can see how it’s a bit more intuitive to work backwards to find the puzzle solution as the bricks are best placed in that order. It’s kind of like making a maze, and that’s a good way to describe each puzzle you will face. Mekorama is also completely free to enjoy with a system allowing you to pay the developer what you want.

Mekorama (Free, Universal) is an intricately crafted iOS experience that is a must have on the platform.

Free, Universal


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