Micro Machines – Big Racing In A Small Package?

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3/5

Fast paced arcade racing action | Nice battle functions | Quality design

Only online multiplayer | Can't play solo, or without internet | Each mode plays very similarly

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It’s not the size of the car in the race, but the size of the race in the car. Micro Machines are now racing on your iOS device thanks to Chillingo. It’s time to drive tiny cars across the breakfast table, kitchen sink, office desktop, and more. The game features 10 tracks total with 63 collectible vehicles including muscle cars, sports cars, tanks, fire trucks, food trucks, and more. The arcade racing game style has been seen before on iOS with Table Top Racing, Death Rally, and more, but that doesn’t mean there’s isn’t room for Micro Machines.
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Micro Machines features three different game modes with race, battle, and elimination tied to the different courses. Each mode you play includes pick-ups that you can use on your opponents including guns, shockwave, big mallet, and more. The race mode isn’t just about reaching the finish line first, as you need to survive enemies’ power-ups, and use your own to come in first. The battle and elimination modes emphasize using the power-ups to score points with the battle mode set in an arena, and the elimination mode set on the race track. No matter which mode you choose, there’s non-stop action until the race or the timer is complete.

There’s a lot of content in Micro Machines, but it all comes down to online multiplayer for one of the three game modes. There are new course packs to unlock as you complete new vehicles, but it’s always four player online multiplayer with no single player component. It would be nice to play against the AI in one of the three modes, and have the ability to play in an instant offline, rather than always waiting to play and connect. The game connects relatively well, but there is always buffer time as compared to single player against the computer. After a few races, you have seen most that the game has to offer with different courses and car skins all that’s left to see. The gameplay doesn’t change much across the different courses, so race, battle, and elimination mode play out almost identically. There’s not the greatest incentive to come back.
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Micro Machines is free to play with an emphasis on two different in-game currencies. There are coins and gems with both tied to buying new packs to piece together new vehicles. You can keep racing for free in the opening courses, but you need new vehicles to unlock the later courses. You can earn gems, though it’s much slower as they only come from completed missions. Those missions fill in quick at the outset, but slow down considerably as you progress. The game is definitely enjoyable the first few play throughs, but there’s quick diminishing returns with a depressing long term outlook on unlocks through repetitive online multiplayer set-ups.

Micro Machines (Free, Universal) delivers enjoyable arcade racing, but the longevity on your device is about the size of one of the vehicles.

Free, Universal


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