Microgolf Masters – Does It Sink The Putt On iOS?

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Easy and quick connectivity | Simple control scheme | Multiple ways to play

Tougher to play with people you know | Bit of a grind | Some hole repetition

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There are a lot of ways to play mini-golf on iOS, and yet not one has struck the perfect balance yet. Microgolf Masters is a new mini-golf game that emphasizes online multiplayer, similar to Mini Golf MatchUp. The main difference is that Microgolf Masters focuses on a 2D top down perspective allowing for the entire hole to fit on screen. There are water hazards, sand traps, walls, black holes, conveyor belts, and more to contend with across 500 different courses.
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The main game is all about playing head to head with an online opponent in a best two out of three to be the first to hit your ball in the hole. All of the obstacles make it a tricky challenge, and you can also hit your opponent’s ball off course for a little strategy. The multiplayer is presented in real time, though you connect with random online opponents. It’s tougher to start playing with friends. As you level up, you can unlock an eight player tournament mode with a bracket to conquer. There’s also a four player mode that doubles the potential tactical strategy in reaching the hole with three other opponents trying to knock you off.

Microgolf Masters makes mini-golf extremely accessible thanks to a player friendly control scheme in which you simply pull back and release. The neatest part is that you pull back from the center of the screen, regardless of where your ball is, so you don’t run up against the edge of the screen when planning your shot. The game is made for on the go play sessions with each match taking just a few minutes with the best two out of three format. The game claims a lot of courses are included, but there’s a lot of repetition in the holes you will face. There is a whole upgrade system allowing you to improve the power and accuracy of your shot, as well as the ability to unlock new balls. Microgolf Masters is free to play with an energy system, but you can keep playing head to head, just without any of the boosts or upgrades you have accumulated.

Microgolf Masters (Free, Universal) is an enjoyable online multiplayer experience for quick real time connections built upon an accessible form of mini-golf making it worth picking up.

Free, Universal


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