Microgure – Rogue-like Fun In A Pocket Package

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Made accessible, yet still challenging | Focuses on the essence of rogue-like

Limited replay after getting the treasure | No RPG style enhancements

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There are a lot of deluxe 3D RPG adventures on the App Store that give dozens of hours of play time, and immersive action. Microgue is a new game from the makers of Aralon and Ravensword that takes the essence of a Rogue-like, and condenses it into an on the go package. The heart of Microgue is ascending a tower, floor by floor with each floor contained on screen, and filled with various enemies. Rather than fancy 3D graphics, you’re given retro style pixel art that fits the style well.
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Microgue is more of a puzzle game than anything else with clear connections to Chess in the way the enemies move. There are enemies that move diagonally like bishops, in a L shape like knights, or in straight lines like queens. The main take away is that there are a lot of ways to die in a given level with spikes and walls that appear every few turns that can either hurt or help you. Your character can move two spaces in any direction in a given turn, and there are times that moving one space, or not moving at all can come in quite handy. When you make it through all ten floors, you encounter a treasure and dragon, and your goal is to take the treasure back through all ten floors with the dragon following you the whole way.

A lot of time went into Microgue to take the core elements of a Rogue-like, and distill them in their purest form. Rather than focusing on fancy graphics, layered menus, or convoluted rules, you’re just given a fun game that relies on things you already know. It’s easy to get hooked going from floor to floor, and restarting the second you lose. The best part is that it’s always randomly generated, so you need to think how the floor will develop with each move you make. There’s strategy just like in chess, but in an all new form based on how the floors are presented, and which group of enemies you face. The genre isn’t the most accessible, but Microgure makes it as accessible as possible to let anyone enjoy what’s included.

Microgue ($0.99, Universal) delivers an engaging and entertaining challenge that is well worth picking up.

$0.99, Universal


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