Mikey Boots – Mikey Putting His Best Foot Forward

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Fast paced fun for everyone | All new interaction | Precise touch controls | Great level design

The levels go by quickly | Would be neat to share your ghost time


Mikey has faced trying times with just his shorts, and then he got some hooks, and now he has boots. Mikey Boots is the third installment of the platformer series with each one maintaining an action packed speed run, but with a unique way to play. Shorts was a pure platformer, Hooks introduced grappling hooks to swing through levels, and now Boots introduces hover boots to glide through levels. No matter which way Mikey transports around, there are still pin point controls, and that’s no different in Mikey Boots.
There are 42 levels to fly through that come down to tapping the right side of the screen to fly right, and tapping the left to fly left, which is only needed in the switch back areas. The game controls a bit like Jetpack Joyride, as you’ll end up tapping very quickly to hover through tight stretches of spikes, fireballs, and on-coming missiles. The controls respond exactly as you would expect allowing you to move Mikey everywhere so precisely with rapid course correction to dodge the tons of moving obstacles. There are six different environments included that are constantly switched up, so there’s one level for each environment in each set across the 42 levels. It keeps things fresh with the varied chip tunes soundtracks, foreground elements, and scrolling high quality backgrounds.

You would think that after two Mikey games, there wouldn’t be much new possible, but Mikey Boots obliterates that notion. The game has the familiar style, but it feels different enough at the same time with a whole new way to maneuver through levels. It also allows for all new levels design, which emphasizes quick reaction, and the ability to switch things up on the fly, literally. Each level doesn’t even take a minute, but it’s an intense burst of platforming goodness as you aim to complete the level, collect all the coins, and do it as fast as possible. Like any Mikey game, your goal is to minimize the time it takes you to get three stars, and then try to beat your friends on the level leaderboards. There’s a surprising amount of replayability because the developers do such a good job of integrating a visual representation of your ghost time, along with split times at each checkpoint. You just need to be careful that your times aren’t so good that your ghost time frustrates you.
BeaverTap Games has really done it again to provide fast paced fun for everyone to enjoy with such an accessible control scheme. Mikey Boots might be their friendliest yet to a casual gamer, but that doesn’t mean platformer veterans are going to be missing any challenge. Aiming for the best time is quite a challenge, especially when you jam your finger to propel in either direction to nail those switchbacks, where the time differences will be determined. The only real problem with Mikey Boots is that you’re left wanting more as you’re given 36 levels, which last under a minute each. Also, the game ramps up the difficulty quite slowly to the point that time is the main challenge, rather than the potential loss of lives in the game. As an aside, it would be great to have the ability to send your ghost time to a friend to really drive them nuts, but that’s just nitpicking. No matter how you slice it, Mikey Boots is an all new challenge in the series that is simply a great experience to rapidly tap to keep afloat at just the right path to snake through all that’s included.

Mikey Boots ($1.99, Universal) offers an intense, yet fun challenge that will keep you actively engaged, and we enjoyed making it a must have title.

$1.99, Universal


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