Mikey Shorts – An Instant Classic For iOS

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Outstanding level design for speed | Pixel perfect virtual controls | Great replay factor

Levels feature similar layouts | A bit too easy in story mode

There’s nothing quite like the classic platformers of the past, and rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, Mikey Shorts nails the best aspects of the past. It’s a time based platformer where you play as Mikey jumping and sliding through 72 levels across story and the unlockable challenge mode. Each level is a time run to the finish and everything feels like the classics, including retro graphics. The game’s storyline revolves around all of the inhabitants being turned to stone, and Mikey is the last one left who can turn them back.

In each level, you’ll need to touch each statue to make it through the next gate, and do it all as quickly as possible. The highlight of the game is the level design which allows for silky smooth movement so that there’s no frustration, just simply enjoyment as you jump and slide through. The virtual controls are another great aspect as they offer pixel perfect precision, and the best touch based controls for a platformer that I’ve come across. The game is just so action packed, and there’s nothing that gets in the way of completely enjoying what the developers intended.

If that wasn’t enough, there are multiple reasons to keep playing the game. First off, there’s the unlockable challenge mode which offers 48 of the 72 levels, three new environments, and increases the difficulty from the story mode. There are also plenty of disguises to collect to outfit Mikey in some hilarious fashion. In the levels themselves, you can aim for the time constraints for three stars, and then replay the levels to collect all of the coins, and find the hidden golden shorts. All of it ties together to make an outstanding iOS experience that is so easy to pick up, but so hard to put down.

Mikey Shorts ($0.99, Universal) is already a classic in its own right by providing the best of the past in a perfectly designed package for iOS, making it a must buy.


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