Mimpi – Exploring A Strange New World

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Intricately design puzzles | Entices you to play the entirety | Beautiful world design

Movement controls are a bit off | Some checkpoint imbalance


Are you ready for an adventure, because Mimipi definitely has one in store. The game is named after a cute little white dog, who is the star, and is sent out into strange new lands. There are eight worlds to play through, and each one relies on a delicate mix of puzzles, and platforming. The game aligns more with a point and click adventure, than anything else, but the classic platforming elements are there as well. The heart of the game is really getting you to question the path forward, and force you to actually stop, and think about what to do. There are very few indicators of the right path, so part of the fun of the game is just exploring the environment. You will need to interact with elements in the environment to create a path forward, and there are so many unique puzzles to encounter.
The game gives you two control methods, as you have direct control of Mimpi with directional arrows, and then you can tap, swipe, and drag on the surroundings. It’s not always clear what to tap on, so at times you just start tapping on the world to see if something responds. As you progress, you will be able to drag clouds, create rain, blow bubbles, drag rope, grow trees, feed birds, and more to unlock the given section. There are so many unique puzzles to provide constant challenge without limits. The movement of Mimpi might be the only limitation of the game, as there’s brilliant touch controls when interacting with the environment, but not so much when moving the dog. There can be some frustration in the true platforming sections that require quick jumps, rapid movement, and a continuous flow, but those aren’t that often.

The one consistency across the eight worlds is that there’s beautiful artwork to depict outlandish worlds. It’s quite a sight on retina displays, and there’s such a stark contrast between worlds, especially when coupled with the changing soundtrack. Everything is polished to such a high degree to keep you immersed in guiding the cute little white dog forward. Once you get going on this adventure, you will want to make it through the entirety of the game, and you will be consistently challenged, while not being overwhelmed or frustrated. There are collectibles as well with light bulbs offering optional hints when you’re stuck, and bones that unveil the storyline of Mimipi’s adventure. There’s just a whole lot to like, though there is some imbalance in placing checkpoints, so you may miss a mechanic that will be key in a later section. Another neat little addition is a world map that lets you jump between checkpoints, and your progress is synced through iCloud.

Mimpi ($1.99, Universal) is an endearing experience that will keep you engaged through its entirety making it a should buy.


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