Mobius Final Fantasy – Touching An All New Fantasy On iOS

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Deluxe storyline with a lot to play through | High quality design | Accessible combat

Gameplay is watered down and repetitive | Could use time and swipe based attacks | Cluttered card UI

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Final Fantasy is one of the longest running game franchises, and a number of titles in the series have been ported to iOS. Mobius Final Fantasy is an all new entry to the franchise, and it’s made from the ground up for mobile devices. The classic elements of Final Fantasy are included with deluxe 3D graphics, RPG battles, big swords, colossal enemies, detailed storyline, and more. The main differences take iOS to heart with a touch based combat system infused with a free to play structure.
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Mobius Final Fantasy puts you in Palamecia, the land of hope, and you play as a character fighting his way through the land to see if he is the Warrior of Light that has been prophesied. The gameplay revolves around turn based combat that allows you to tap on screen for a basic attack, or tap the sidebar for one of your special abilities. You need to earn elements with the basic attacks to activate the specials. The game has a bullet time style slow motion effect when you attack to string together a few moves as you usually have three moves on your turn. Once your turn is complete, you simply sit back and take damage, though you can reduce the damage a little based on the moves on your turn. There’s a whole elemental mix in the game with forest and earth and water and fire counteracting one another, and you need to attack accordingly.

Mobius Final Fantasy has a lot going on in terms of map progression and storyline development. With that said, the core gameplay has been watered down considerably for mobile devices to the point that most battles play out very similarly. It becomes a rather bland experience with mindless tapping on screen with little in the way of opposition difficulty. There’s a lot to play through, but there’s a lot less incentive to keep playing with the rudimentary and redundant gameplay. The game does include a complete card system allowing you to build a deck of abilities and jobs for character customization and upgrades. The problem is that the interface is quite cluttered, and there’s a lot going on that is easier to ignore, rather than dive into. It’s better to be in the combat than the overbearing UI of the card deck. The highlight of the UI is that the game presents a continuous animated depiction of your character moving through the environment as you travel along the map.
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The most surprising aspect is that it’s difficult to find a reason to spend money as the game doesn’t push multiple currencies, an energy system, or ads in your face. After a couple of hours, there is no obstruction to playing as much as I want completely for free, which is definitely great. You can keep playing for free, but it would be nice to see more gameplay variations, or complex maneuvers based on specific swipes and timing. The story offers overarching incentive, and the lack of freemium obstructions make it easy to keep going. It’s understandable to make the game accessible, but the developers went too far in that direction to somewhat lose the identity of Final Fantasy versus a generic iOS combat adventure.

Mobius Final Fantasy (Free, Universal) isn’t the most complex game in the Final Fantasy series, but does offer the core elements in an on the go package that is worth picking up.

Free, Universal


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