Modern Combat 5: Blackout – The Best Yet?

5.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/5
Design: 5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Intense focused missions | Multiplayer integrated right into story map | Immersive graphics

Inherent shooter repetition | Some odd balance match-ups in multiplayer


The term console quality is thrown around quite a bit when describing iOS games, but it’s probably best used for Gameloft’s Modern Combat series. With that said, maybe there’s better ways to describe Modern Combat 5, as it’s easy to tell that it’s specifically designed for the iOS platform. Modern Combat 5 is the fifth in the series of Gameloft’s stalwart first person shooter series, and each one has blown away its predecessor. That’s a tougher challenge for Modern Combat 5, since number four was so good, but the fifth installment appears up for the challenge.
Modern Combat 5 is all about intense action throughout, since the game is made with iOS in mind. The lengthy storyline is composed of a series of very focused missions, that don’t take the most time, but sure pack a lot of action in. The levels are made to be played on the go for short bursts of FPS challenge, but they also set-up to be played in quick succession in longer sittings. There is never a dull moment, and this is the first Modern Combat that keeps you coming back to play through it in its entirety. There’s also a surprising amount of variety across the different missions whether it’s the level set-up, weapon assortment, or specialized scenarios.

There are things you have come to expect from the Modern Combat series, whether it’s cutting edge graphics, relatively smooth touch controls, or a bland storyline. The fifth edition changes up that last point for a surprisingly compelling storyline to fit in nicely with the fast paced, and varied levels. The graphics engine is worth coming back to due to the fact that Modern Combat 5 may be the best looking game on iOS, and it truly immerses you in the action. One of the most remarkable parts is the new ragdoll physics engine to depict completely unique deaths for every enemy you dispatch. The single player campaign is a thoroughly engaging, and enjoyable experience throughout with a lot of hours of entertainment available. One of the best parts of Modern Combat 5 is how the campaign develops with a specific map that unfolds piece by piece with multiple modes integrated into a single region.
Along with the main story missions, there are special ops challenges, and multiplayer missions integrated right within the same level select area. The single player makes the game worth it by itself, and Modern Combat has always been known for a great multiplayer component. That’s no different with number five, but it has been taken up a notch with smooth connections, quicker set-ups, and specific challenges. Rather than exiting out of the story, the multiplayer is integrated right in line, so you can jump into multiplayer right after you complete a story mission. It no longer feels like two games with multiple menus to jump through, and instead you’re right playing with others online in an instant. The multiplayer includes challenges based on the story, and there are also squad matches, timed events, and story driven skirmishes. It all adds up for one of the most deluxe iOS experiences around that enhances every part of the excellent fourth installment for a true spectacle in number five.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout ($6.99, Universal) is an absolute must that sets the new standard for iOS gaming.


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