Momoka – Blasting Into Quite An Adventure

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Grand scale adventure | Great design | Inviting style

There are occasional dull stretches | Not the most challenging game

momoka - 3

The planet Haruto is facing a cataclysmic event as its sun is dying. It’s up to Momoka to save the day, the planet, and the galaxy. Momoka is an action platformer that gives you a laser gun, and an open world galaxy to explore. The game combines classic exploration elements with sequences of numerous enemies to blast through. You can go your own way to explore the galaxy, as there’s no set levels, and instead all of the worlds at your disposal.
momoka - 3
Momoka presents a 2.5D design with 3D characters and environments with 2D movement. There’s also excellent lighting effects with shadows as you leap in front of light sources. All of the action is controlled effortlessly with the on screen buttons, and it allows you to focus on the action at hand. Each planet has sculpted pathways cutting towards the core, and there’s no set path. Instead, you just start going forward to see what you’ll come across, and try to deal with it all. As you advance, you will unlock new abilities for Momoka to open up all new pathways, as well as tougher enemies to face. The full game makes for a lengthy adventure with about five to six hours of gameplay for the main storyline.

The best part of Momoka is there’s so much to do, and it’s presented through a free flowing adventure to keep you engaged in the experience. Without level breaks, it’s easy to get lost exploring the wide world of Momoka. The action platformer set-up doesn’t reinvent the wheel, or present a particularly difficult challenge, but it’s still plenty enjoyable. There are some bland stretches when the path forward isn’t clear, and the game could benefit from a clearer map set-up. Through it all, there’s a consistency to keep you coming back, and part of it is the TLC that went into the development of the game.

Momoka ($6.99, Universal) delivers a great adventure experience that is well worth picking up on iOS.

$6.99, Universal


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