Monkey Boxing – A Humorous Featherweight Bout

3.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3/5

Fast paced action | Effortless controls | Humor packed 3D graphics | Great monkey customizations options

Becomes a button masher | Quite repetitive | Not much of a challenge


Monkeys seem to be able to make anything funny, and that’s the hope of Monkey Boxing. It’s a new 3D arcade boxing game from Crescent Moon Games that is all about fast paced action. There aren’t that many boxing games on iOS, and there certainly aren’t many monkey games making Monkey Boxing relatively unique. It’s just a two button game where you can tap to either punch, or defend, with multiple taps, and timing setting up combos, or defensive breaks. The simple set-up makes the game effortless for quick pick up, and play, and then it’s a battle through the Monkey Boxing League.
The game comes with 50 levels of unique monkey opponents, and then they’re procedurally generated after that. The 50 levels let you work your way up to win the cup, face the biggest baddest monkeys, and unlock all kinds of collectibles. Part of the allure of the game is the various extras you can outfit your monkey in with top hats, afros, glasses, clown noses, and so much more. You can also customize the color scheme of your gloves, trunks, shoes, and accessories for some crazy looking monkeys in the ring. Part of the fun of Monkey Boxing is the outlandish look to the 3D monkeys allowing you to have a different look in every bout.

The 3D graphics engine is superb, and it’s great to witness the monkey reactions to jabs, hooks, and even some sucker punches. The rounds are only 20 seconds for a quick onslaught of punches, and the end of each round features special challenges including multi-touch buttons, and spinning disks. There are some hilarious reactions between rounds, and there’s an overall great balance of humor, and action. As you’re advancing through the levels, there’s also the ability to upgrade your monkey’s strength, speed, and endurance through special mini-games. Finally, the game features a local multi-player option for same device boxing, though it would be great to see an online multiplayer option.

Monkey Boxing ($2.99, Universal) might not be the deepest game, but every element combines together for quite a bit of entertainment. There is definitely a lot of rudimentary, and repetitive button mashing with virtually no strategy to make each match feel relatively the same. In the end, Monkey Boxing is worth considering depending on your infatuation with monkeys, and simple arcade action.


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