Monster Meltdown – Teleporting To An All New Puzzler

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Brand new gameplay | Balances logic & action puzzle | Great level design

Could always use more levels | Levels can be a bit tedious, requiring perfect timing

It takes quite a bit to create something new in the App Store, but Ambient Studios has done just that with Monster Meltdown. It’s a brand new puzzle game that is all about teleportation to get the escaped monsters back into their cages. The game delivers that special brain teaser, logic puzzle style where you need to think first, and act second which is a relative rarity in the App Store. With that said, there are still some action puzzle elements as many levels require quick timing to teleport in a free fall.

You get to play as Yuri the janitor who has strapped on the teleportation suit, and is now trying to transport about the lab to collect monsters across 80 levels, and four environments. It’s definitely an interesting challenge as there are three monster types, electric fences, toxic gas, sliding doors, and more to contend with. Some monsters go their own way, others chase after you, and the rest run from you with each one requiring different strategies to deal with them. After the first 10 levels, you also try to collect the given orbs, and complete the level in a certain number of moves for a three star score.

As soon as you switch places with a monster as both of you are free falling, you will be hooked on all that’s included in Monster Meltdown. The best part is that all of the teleporting action requires split second timing, and there’s an effortless one touch control scheme to just tap where you want to teleport. At first it seems relatively easy, but the levels have multiple restrictions on where you can teleport, centering around only teleporting to areas Yuri can see. The level design is simply exquisite, and it’s such an engaging challenge across all 80 levels included. The art design is also superb to round out a top notch iOS package.

Monster Meltdown ($1.99, iPad) delivers a brand new puzzle style that is finely crafted making it a should buy for some exquisite teleportation fun.


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