Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake – A Tasty Puzzle Adventure

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Packed with personality | Intricately designed puzzles | Tons of new mechanics

Levels can be a bit tedious | No undo, or checkpoints leading to bland replays


Cake is a quintessential part of any birthday, and without it, you can’t blame someone for crying if they want to. Things get a lot trickier when monsters are involved, and that’s the case in Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake from Cartoon Network. You get to play as Niko on his birthday, who discovers that his Birthday cake is gone, and a trail of breadcrumbs leads out into the forest. That beginning sets the stage for a puzzle adventure game leading you through four unique regions, and plenty of monsters along the way. There are the monsters that stole the cake, but there are also monsters willing to lend a hand to create quite an interesting dynamic.
The heart of the game is a puzzle set-up that will consistently challenge you thanks to finely crafted level layouts, and tons of nuances. Each new monster that you encounter provides a special ability, but the game responds in kind with more complex puzzle mechanics. Niko begins with the ability to push blocks, and will come across monsters that can bash through barriers, dig underground, freeze elements, and more. There’s an ever increasing complexity to the game as you need to use multiple monsters together to make it through. Each character is controlled by simply dragging a path forward as you need to push switches, destroy barricades, get rid of enemies, and much more.

The most notable aspect of Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake is the amount of the charm, and personality infused into it. There’s witty banter in the cut scenes mixed with a friendly art style to offer up cute, and cuddly monsters. The style helps invite you to keep advancing through the adventure to see what comes next. There’s just so much to enjoy highlighted by the puzzles, which offer a brilliant balance of difficulty, and enjoyment. You will need to think before acting, and there’s a lot to take into account, and contend with in each level for quite an immersive experience. The levels have a lot of moving parts that tie into one another, so the one thing missing is a simple undo button, or checkpoint system, so that you don’t have to replay the intricately crafted layouts.

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake ($4.99, Universal) offers puzzle fun for everyone that presents a lengthy adventure that a must have to partake in.


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