Monsters Ate My Metropolis – A New Form Of Destruction

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Accessible card combat | Over the top with personality | Neat leaderboard challenge

Each match can blend together | Quick success can be bought

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We first saw monsters when they were just starting out eating condos. Now, they have grown up to set the stage for the new iOS game Monsters Ate My Metropolis. The original, Monsters Ate My Condo, provided a fast paced matching game as you swipe out colored floors, so that the reaming colored floors match up. Monsters Ate My Metropolis uses the same monsters and theme, but introduces a new card based strategy game for the monster carnage. Every round in the game pits your monster versus a city with both sides playing different attack cards in an attempt to destroy the other one first.
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Monsters Ate My Metropolis gives you a deck of 12 cards, and you have 3 random cards at your disposal at any time. There are crazy attack cards with varying amounts of damage, and four color classifications. Each of the four card colors relate to one another to give a boost or deficit, and you can enhance each card’s core damage potential by playing the right cards, and tapping at the right time. There’s a tap based mini-game that appears when you play each card to either tap at a specific time, or tap repeatedly. The main boost though, comes from using the color benefits to your advantage. If your opponent plays a green card, you will want to play a red card to get a boost for example, and the boosts can wildly swing a match to your advantage.

The game provides an arcade structure to the card based strategy for a fast paced challenge that doesn’t get bogged down in rules. There are clear concepts to understand, and it’s easy to get into the flow of playing the right cards at the right time. The main game is about going on offense with your monster against cities of other players, but while you’re away other players can attack your city. There’s a full card collecting system that lets you manage a deck of 12 cards for both your monster and city, and buy new card packs to upgrade both decks. You’re playing against the AI that uses other player’s city decks, but every match is against another player. In fact, rather than a campaign, you play in a league for a week with a leaderboard based on the greatest population of a given player’s metropolis. Each successful win helps you earn population, so you move up the leaderboards by winning matches with your monster.
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The card based strategy gameplay is well implemented for a fun challenge, and there’s so much built on top of the core gameplay. Each card you play triggers an over the top attack with great animations and sound effects to go along with the play. The art style and sense of humor of the previous monster games are included, and even taken up a notch. There’s a great deal of personality from the battle animations to the level complete song (that may get stuck in your head). The gameplay can become a bit repetitive as you play the same cards back and forth over and over again. The theme though, keeps you coming back and the weekly leaderboard structure also offers intriguing incentive to keep playing.

Monsters Ate My Metropolis (Free, Universal) is bursting with personality that is overlaid on top of an enjoyable game, making it well worth picking up.

Free, Universal


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