Monsters, Inc Run – A Mega Monster Run

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Maintains all of the great aspects of Mega Run | Great design | Inviting theme

It is just Mega Run with a new theme | Relative easiness and familiarity can breed repetition

Mega Run is one of the best games of 2012, and now Disney has teamed up Get Set Games to create Monsters, Inc. Run. The collaboration is similar to Temple Run: Brave, and it lets you play as Mike and Sulley instead of Redford. The game Mega Run style levels are included with intricate forking pathways with plenty of speed that is so reminiscent of Sonic. The speed in the Monsters Inc version is slightly geared down, but it still provides for non-stop action as you jump across platforms, break through blocks, jump on top of enemies, and use a wide assortment of power-ups.

Get Set Games could have done much less with a movie tie-in version, but it’s surprisingly deep with 48 levels across three worlds. In the majority of the game you play as Mike, but there are plenty of Monster power-up tokens out there to transform into Sulley to just crush through everything for a limited time. The level balance, and jump control precision is maintained from Mega Run, and those two aspects are what make the original so great. In all honesty, this is more Mega Run levels with different characters, and what’s not to like about that?

The same great art style is also maintained, and the game just makes your iOS device shine. The power-up animations are also superb, and it’s simply very enjoyable in every regard to race through the levels. The same three star scoring system with three collectibles returns to give great incentive to replay all of the included levels. If that wasn’t enough, there’s an endless mode for each of the three environments to give you a huge amount of Monsters Inc and Mega Run fun.

Monsters, Inc Run ($0.99, Universal) can’t help, but bring a smile to your face whether you’re a fan of Monsters, Inc, Mega Run, or simply great iOS games making it a should buy.


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