Motley Blocks – In Touch With An All New Puzzle Game

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Great touch controls | Unique and challenging puzzle mechanics | Great pace | Neat balance

Level editor is a hassle to use | Power-ups are costly for blocks which tie to IAP | Connection issues

It’s great to see new games made for touch, and that’s exactly what Motley Blocks is. It’s a puzzle game where you drag your finger over matching colored blocks to clear them off the board. You’re given a 3D carousel of blocks, and they spin around in two laps, and you need to clear every single block during those two laps. It’s a completely unique puzzle experience that becomes quite hectic with multiple colors to clear, and you really only have two chances to match any given block.

The touch controls are as smooth as can be so you can just keep dragging to increase your combo as you keep connecting the same colored blocks. The game requires a balance between going for the biggest chain you can, while still being able to match all of the included colors. The best method I’ve found is going for huge chains of the most dominant color in the first lap, and then trying to clean up the scraps in the second lap. Every block you matches also contributes to creating a 3D object, and you get to see it take shape in the background as you match blocks in the foreground.

There are 80 unique puzzles to complete, and all of them are based on the spinning carousel, and linking together blocks. The challenge increases significantly as new colors are introduced, but luckily you can unlock power-ups along the way, including a third lap power-up. Motley Blocks also includes a daily challenge level to compete in, and there’s a level editor to create your own block matching puzzle, though it’s hard to use.

Motley Blocks ($2.99, Universal / Free, Universal) is a one of a kind puzzle game that is perfectly suited for iOS that is simply super enjoyable for each, and every block you match. Motely Blocks is a should buy, and the free version features 50 of the 80 levels.


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  1. WoW Gold December 29, 2012 at 8:41 AM -

    they could increase the type cap so it comes with an extra character to give back gold to

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