Motorblast – To Race Or To Destroy?

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3/5

Tons of missions | Great 3D design & physics engine | Balanced strategy of racing & destruction

Only three opponents | Not many other players on online multiplayer

In a race to the finish, it’s always nice to have some weapons on your side to give you an edge. Motorblast is a new iOS racing game from the makers of Parcel Panic and Uber Racer 3D with all three sharing top notch graphical engines. In Motorblast, it’s a 3D racing game combined with a kart racer offering up collectible power-ups to give you an advantage. The style is reminiscent of Death Rally as there’s a constant choice between simply racing to the finish, or using weapons to destroy enemies before they reach the finish line.

You can win by finishing first, or being the last one standing, and that changes the strategy over a traditional racing game. There are over 60 different missions to play with seven unique tracks. The missions offer varying challenges for the same tracks so there are time trials, all out races, specific power-up races, slalom challenges, and more. Each one is designed to be quick, and consumable for on the go gaming so you can jump in to a Motorblast race, and jump right back out. The game is also set-up for longer play sessions, and the one constant is destructive action.

Each car in the race can take a few hits, and it’s every car for thetrselves so it seems there’s always some weapon in action. There are three other cars besides you, and the computer AI is great so that every single race presents a great challenge fine tuned with the weapons involved. The difficulty increases at a superb rate so that the challenge is maintained as you upgrade cars. The main drawback is that there are only three opponents, which leaves less action than there could be. Luckily, the visual treat enhances the action involved, and the physics engine of the destructing cars responding to the weapons is simply superb.

Motorblast ($0.99, Universal) is a high quality arcade racer that is worth picking up for a whole lot of racing, and destruction.


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