Mr. Dreamer – Flipping Out In A Candy-Filled Dream World

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 2/5

A new endless running mechanic | Simple one touch controls | Great artistic design

Relatively simplistic | Each run feels the same | No checkpoints despite potential set-up

It takes a lot to do something new with endless runners, but that’s exactly what Mr. Dreamer is running for. The game comes from the makers of DEO, and doesn’t really have any set path to run on, since you’re running in a dream world. The path endlessly squiggles across your screen with no rhyme or reason to the path. Your character, Poncho, runs automatically on the path trying to collect candy, and avoid obstacles. You simply tap to flip Poncho to run on one side or the other of the path.

As you’re running along, your goal is to make sure you’re never running upside down as this drains your dream meter, and can cause Poncho to wake up. The flipping mechanic is unique, and is integrated extremely well so it becomes intuitive allowing anyone to flip naturally to keep up momentum, and never run upside down. The placement of the candies also helps you flip, so that you’re usually right side up. Along the path, there are bombs to avoid, and there are also eight different candy dream worlds to run through.

Each of the eight worlds has a great hand drawn art style, although it would be nice to pick up at more difficult stretches. There are world ends, and a final broccoli boss, but they’re pointless with just the endless run restarting at the very beginning each time. The game looks promising as you always need to find out which direction is up, and the graphics and soundtrack enhance the experience nicely. Overall though, the game is relatively basic with just the one button controls, and after you’ve played a few runs it all feels the same.

Mr. Dreamer ($0.99, Universal) is worth skipping as it’s just too simple to recommend despite the good things it has going for it.


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