Ms. Splosion Man – An Absolute Blast With The Missus

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

An explosion action | Beautiful 3D visuals | Never a dull moment | Packed with personality

Controls can be unresponsive | Tedious payment scheme

It’s great to see some deluxe PC games make the transition to iOS as they bring a whole other level to the platform. Ms. Splosion Man is the latest to explode on to the App Store, and it’s another great looking game published by Microsoft, following Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin. If you like fast paced over the top action, then you have come to the right place because Ms. Sploision Man herself as well as the game run amped up continuously. Ms. Splosion Man is a follow-up by Twisted Pixel to their original Splosion Man, and the Ms. version adds in all new levels, gameplay mechanics, and even more action.

Now, it all comes to iOS with 50 ornate levels of platformer action with some twitch based sequences combined with occasional puzzle elements. The entire game relies on a triple jump mechanic, which in this case lets you “splode” Ms. Splosion Man three times to clear gaps. There are some extreme action sequences as you clear huge gaps “sploding” three times, triggering TNT barrels, sliding on zip lines, and launching through shooters all without ever touching the ground. There are also sections that require you to move platforms, deactivate lasers, and perform wall jumps in a slightly more meticulous approach compared to the other blasting full steam ahead method. One of the best parts of the game is that the first level doesn’t hold any punches, and throws you right into the fire, and the game never lets up from there.

All of the action is rendered beautifully on iOS devices with such ornate 3D visuals for the intricate environments, and of course explosions. It’s great to witness Ms. Splosion Man in action as she’s so bubbly, fidgety, and even annoying, as anyone would be if they could explode at any second. The game is just packed with personality to further entrance you into the overwhelming action. It’s just an amazing platformer experience that explodes to the top of the genre in the App Store. Ms. Splosion Man is an experience not to be missed, but it does have its own problems beginning with the controls. The “sploding” is a bit unresponsive at times, especially noticeable in dire situations, and zip lines are a problem as the game sometimes confuses “sploding” at the end of a zip line or swiping down to drop off a zip line.

Ms. Splosion Man is an enthralling journey from start to finish that delivers one of the most deluxe experiences on iOS that is not to be missed. One considerable drawback is that the app has a lot of in-app purchase options on top of the $3 price with level packs costing in-game coins. You can earn the coins by replaying levels a couple of times, but you can’t just advance through all 50 levels at your own pace.

Ms. Splosion Man ($2.99, Universal) is an absolute blast, but there are a few problems that take away from all of the greatness included, making it a should buy.


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