Naturespace – Let The Sound Transport You Away

4.0 Overall Score
Usability: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Amazing sound quality & depth | True 3D feel on every listening device | Great audio locations

Can get pretty expensive | Could use a subtle screensaver background/alarm clock

There are many ambience sound apps in the App Store that attempt to provide audio from various locations and situations to help you relax, concentrate, or sleep. Naturespace is another one, and yet completely different than the rest by providing 3D audio for a completely immersive experience. The app uses a specific Holographic Audio engine to provide actual depth to the listening experience by recording and producing all three dimensions of audio. With all other apps, the audio levels are piled on top of each other, while Naturespace provides an authentic reproduction of how the audio should sound.

If you’re at the beach, by a river, or in the forest, the audio reacts differently to the relative openness of each type of location. Naturespace does an amazing job of providing that same feel of openness so you can feel the distance of where the sounds emanate from. One of the best examples is a wave crashing into and rolling up on the beach, and Naturespace lets you hear the wave begin on one side of you, and pass across to the other like you were sitting on the beach. The app provides total immersion into the audio like no other app, and it’s just such a great way to transport yourself away for a few minutes or longer.

Naturespace can help you concentrate while working, relax and meditate in your spare time, or fall asleep in the evening. The app sounds amazing on audiophile-class headphones or speakers, and there’s a special earbud optimization mode to sound great on Apple’s stock earbuds as well. The included sound files are from outstanding locations, and there’s never a drop in quality while maintaining very long loops, and seamless looping. There’s also a sleep timer, and you can even tie the app to wake you with birds calling in the morning over a home theater system.

Naturespace (Free, Universal) is more than just an ambience sound app, and is rather a full on experience created by audio. The free app comes with six deluxe tracks, and there are over 80 tracks included as in-app purchases from $0.99 to $3.99 each allowing you to pick and choose intriguing tracks for you. One problem is that you do need to spend $2 just to listen to previews of other tracks, but considering how much work went into the app, you’ll want to spend money on the deluxe recordings.

Naturespace is a should buy for a few in-app purchases, and you can even enjoy the included six deluxe tracks for free always.


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