New Tetris For iPad – Back At It Bigger & Better Than Ever

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Refreshes Tetris so well | One touch & galaxy modes | Beautiful neon design

Pointless IAP & currency system | Only connects to Origin

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EA has released Tetris for iPad, and it’s a reinvention and replacement of the previous version of Tetris for iPad. This transformation was done a few months back with the iPhone version, and now the changes come to the iPad. If you bought the previous version of Tetris I feel for you as it was an absolutely terrible app that wasn’t made for touch, and actually made Tetris a poor experience. Also, you will need to buy the new version of Tetris all over again, but it’s definitely worth the upgrade.

There aren’t just a few tweaks from the original version, and instead the code has been redone from the ground-up. It’s a whole new game, and quite honestly the best version of Tetris since the original 1984 arcade game. The one touch mode is the biggest addition as you’re given a few choices of where to place a given piece, and you just tap where you want it to go. It’s great for handed play on the iPhone, and still worthwhile on the iPad. There’s the traditional style as well where you drag your finger across the screen to place the pieces, and you can tap to rotate as well as swipe down to quickly drop the piece.

There are three game modes overall, and there are 16 levels of difficulty in marathon and one touch mode. You can begin right at level 10 if you feel like, and every single line you make contributes to your rank. The all new mode is Galaxy mode which places fixed structures you need to clear, and there are cascading blocks along the way. There are eight different galaxies with 15 levels per galaxy all with different fixed arrangements. You can earn a five star score for using as few pieces as possible, and it makes for an all new Tetris challenge.

The new Tetris also features in-app purchases which seem to be the most pointless IAPs in any game. There is never an incentive to use them, and you can completely ignore them with no effect on the gameplay or features. Every single line you make earns you T-coins, and the t-coins are used to buy new galaxies. The thing is that a galaxy can cost about 500 coins, but you can easily earn your 500 coins back in the course of the 15 levels in the galaxy. You also rack up coins very quickly in the two other modes, which makes the currency pointless, and consequently so are the IAPs. If you were worrying about that aspect, you don’t need to, and anyone who plays the game can see that.

New Tetris for iPad ($6.99, iPad) is a bit expensive, but quite honestly the best version of Tetris since the original. Also, if you happen to have a new iPad, you will love the pixel perfect neon graphics that are made for the retina display.


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