NFL Quarterback 13 – Going For The End Zone…Intercepted

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 2/5

Now with multiple receivers | Passing with just a flick of your finger | High quality design

Even worse than the original | The major new additions revolve around items instead of gameplay

NFL Flick Quarterback came out at the end of 2011, and it really delivered some great arcade football action for iOS. Now, Full Fat Games is back at it with NFL Quarterback 13, which is like what they did with NFL Kicker 13. The biggest new addition to NFL Quarterback 13 is there are now multiple receivers to throw to, so you can go through your progressions to find the open man. It’s an all new way to play the game, and if you can lead your receivers with good passes, it can lead to touchdowns, past defenders.

For the most part, it’s the same idea as you simply flick to initiate a pass, and then flick while the ball is in the air to deal with the wind, and slightly change the trajectory. There are three different game modes with a three strike mode as well as a timed mode. If you have played any of Full Fat’s Flick games, then the set-up is instantly familiar, and there’s also a training mode you can access once per day to upgrade your player. Another big element of the 13 version is the upgrade system with a full on freemium currency system in play on top of a paid app.

There are coins and credits to buy/earn, and there’s a lot to buy. You can pick-up boosts for each individual round, as well as unlock more permanent upgrades. There’s the ability to upgrade your quarterback, the receivers, and even the stadium. Since there’s a freemium upgrade system, it’s quite tedious to level up, and your player is quite basic to begin with. At first, it seems the flick controls are worse than the previous version, but it turns out your quarterback starts out at a lower skill level.

NFL Quarterback 13 isn’t all that different than NFL Flick Quarterback, and sadly the most noticeable change is a tedious upgrade system based on freemium purchase mechanics. It’s more of the same arcade style that was fresh at the end of 2011, but stale today. There’s very little actual gameplay, and the heart of the app seems to be the plethora of things to buy or upgrade.

NFL Quarterback 13 ($1.99, Universal) is worth skipping because it’s actually worse than the original, and not worth your time.


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