Night Sky – Immersive Experience Shines In The Dark

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Immersive art & audio design | Outstanding touch controls | Great level design

On the easy side for quite awhile | Much more action than puzzle based | Some levels can be tedious

Games are composed of so many various elements, and it’s the combination of them all that makes for a great game. Night Sky is an award winning physics puzzler that has made the transition to iOS to deliver it’s unique style on the touch platform. What makes Night Sky stand out is the alluring dark scale atmospheric style that immerses you into the oddly crafted world it presents. The soundtrack combines with the visuals to provide a great backdrop for the physics puzzle gameplay, which isn’t easily compared to other games.

The goal of Night Sky is to roll a ball across the screen while dealing with all kinds of unique layouts. As you advance, there are intricate mechanics at work to contend with all based on momentum. The developers have done an absolutely phenomenal job of translating the controls to touch as you swipe in either direction to pick up speed in that direction. The controls offer a surprising amount of precision as you need to switch directions, spin upside down, and make jumps across challenging platforms. The game is more of a puzzle platformer than anything else as some levels require action execution, while others require thought, and usually a mix of both.

The game features 11 chapters of 13 puzzle sets, with each set composed of three screens. There’s phenomenal level design as each set of three is intrinsically tied together, and must be completed in order to advance. It takes awhile to get into the challenge of the game, but once you reach that point, you’ll be begging to get some simplicity back. The main challenge doesn’t revolve around physics puzzles, but rather action platformer sequences of spinning the ball to jump through. The levels also include switches, gears, spinning windmills, the ability to flip gravity, pinball flippers, and more with each set of three offering a unique mechanic.

Night Sky ($2.99, Universal) has so many well designed elements working in unison to craft an immersive iOS experience that is a should buy.


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