Nightgate – Exploring An All New System On iOS

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Blends action and exploration | Great soundtrack & minimalistic design

A bit on the easy side | Can go through the motions at times

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Are you ready to explore the inner workings of a computer? That’s your objective in the new iOS game Nightgate. It’s a minimalistic action adventure from the makers of Last Voyage. Nightgate is all about guiding a dot from point to point with a connected series of visual sequences to traverse. As you advance, you will come across red obstacles as well as new dot based sequences that require you to unlock a specific pattern.
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Nightgate features 50 levels, and the best part is that the game provides a continuous expereince, rather than distinct level breaks. The set-up allows you to get lost in the voyage from sequence to sequence, similar to Last Voyage. Speaking of which, Nightgate and Last Voyage share a design aesthetic and exploration philosophy. They differ in that Last Voyage is more of a puzzle expereince, and Nightgate emphasizes more action. The more you play through Nightgate, the more you see the puzzle ideas of figuring out the proper patterns, and then performing the action to work around and through those patterns.

Nightgate has a distinct layout of circles that you need to guide your flowing dot to with just a virtual joystick. The dots will be surrounded by moving lasers, shifting blocks, and changing requirements. For example, you may need to push a block across the screen to a target point, or create a continuous line between dots while avoiding the red lines. The new mechanics come in about every five levels, and keep things relatively fresh. Nightgate is an immersive expereince with the minimalistic design coupled with the great soundtrack filled with various synths. The one drawback is that the game is on the easy side to the point that you can just be going through the motions at times. The main reason is because the game emphasizes the exploration idea of allowing you to flow through the world. It would be nice to see a little more challenge, but it’s clear to see that doesn’t go with the design idea. It’s a bit bland, but a neat journey, none the less.

Nightgate ($2.99, Universal) provides a free flowing voyage that is well worth picking up.


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