Nursery Rhymes With StoryTime

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Classic nursery rhymes re-imagined | Great use of iOS technology

Only seven nursery rhymes

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APP NAME: Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime


GENRE(S): Books

RELEASE DATE(S): April 5th, 2011

Every once in awhile an app comes along that is truly unique, and ignites the imagination of iOS users. The app that fits the bill is Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime that includes seven classic Nursery Rhymes. Each rhyme consists of two completely interactive pages with phenomenal art design for each object. The classic nursery rhymes have never come to life as much as they do in this app. There’s a whole new way to enjoy Three Blind Mice, Jack and Jill, and Humpty Dumpty, to name a few.

Reading these rhymes alone is an outstanding experience that is unrivaled. Reading alone is only half of the app, and that’s what makes it so special. The app developers have coined the term StoryTime to refer to the technology they built in their app. StoryTime allows a user to read a nursery rhyme to another user no matter where each of them is on the globe. The app lets parents tell stories to their kids even when they’re away from home.

There are tons of other potential scenarios, and if you can imagine it, the app will probably work in that way. StoryTime works by connecting two users via Game Center, and then allows voice transfer over the connection. This isn’t a new way to use Game Center as voice chat has been available in some games. The way in which the technology is used, is what makes the app noteworthy.

Both users can interact and view the finely detailed pages while reading or listening to another person no matter their respective locations. You interact with the story individually, so although you can hear the other person, you can’t see what is on their screen. As with most good apps, you’re always left wanting more because you want to extend the experience. An update is in the works to increase the number of nursery rhymes beyond seven.

Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime ($2.99, Universal) is an extremely imaginative app with amazing real world use case. Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime is a should buy for $2.99 that is worth even more if you can see yourself reading to someone else across a substantial distance or just in another room.


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