Nutty Fluffies – Flying Down The Track With Plushies

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3/5

Great roller coaster gameplay | Combines multiple quality elements | Super physics engine

Odd in-game coin system | In-air controls take awhile to get used to | Purchasable tracks & characters

Roller coasters are thrilling, but that is with all kinds of safety restraints and hours of testing. Nutty Fluffies is a roller coaster game where there are no safety restraints, and you’re seeing the tracks for the first time. The game comes from the makers of Trials, and has a similar idea, but applied to roller coasters. You swipe back and forth to speed up or slow down as you go up hills, down drops, through loops, and across jumps. All the while, you’re trying to keep your plush passangers in their seats, and not flying out of their cars.

Nutty Fluffies combines elements of Madcoaster, and Snuggle Truck with the Trials style to make a relatively unique action puzzle game. As you’re screaming across the track you need to maintain speed accurately, and control your train while it’s flying through the air. There are also hearts to collect as you try to master all of the 26 coasters from wood to metal. There are also alternate plushies which offer up special bonuses for air time, downhills, and bumps. There’s definite challenge just making it through the course with a four car train, but each time you replay adds another car to manage, and it opens up potential for more challenge and all new bonuses. Playing through the same track with more cars makes for a brand new experience, and the replay is an essential factor of the game.

The game is paid, but with a freemium style as each new track surprisingly costs 50 coins to build. You earn coins for each run as well as completing missions, but you will still need a few runs to unlock the next track. Luckily, as stated before there’s a fresh challenge with each replay as your train gains more and more cars. At first glance, it’s a distressing pay mechanic to see, but you can quickly ignore it as it is completely optional. Once you get past it, you can completely enjoy flying through crazy roller coaster tracks, and it’s quite enjoyable balancing momentum and in air physics to fly through hearts and still land your coaster without losing any passengers.

Nutty Fluffies ($0.99, Universal) is a screaming good time that is worth the price of admission for one wild ride.


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