On The Wind – A Breeze At Your Fingertip

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Beautiful design | Relaxing endless experience | Perfectly suited for iOS

A bit shallow with just the endless style | Could use another mode

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The wind is such a mesmerizing force on Earth, and it can feel so good at times while it can be so destructive at others. On The Wind is a new iOS game that lets you control the wind, and your goal is to survive through the four seasons. You pick up leaves with the wind, and try to maintain at least one leaf for as long as you can. It’s an endless game with actual seasons to show your progressions. You begin in Spring with a plethora of leaves, and try to maintain through Summer, Autumn, and Winter where there are less and less leaves.

There’s never an end to the game, but you do try to make it though each season, and then start the cycle all over again if you can make it through Winter and back to Spring. The highlight of the game is that it’s made for iOS as you simply place your finger on screen, and then drag to control the wind. The game is a breeze to control while providing plenty of precision, and there is a sensitivity slider to adjust where you can place your finger. The game increases in challenge nicely as the layout includes more narrow passages while there are less leaves on trees to collect.

There’s a beautiful design as well that is clean and fresh which embodies the idea of the wind, and there’s also retina quality graphics for the new iPad. As you drag your finger, you get to hear the sound of the wind, and there are chimes for each tree you touch allowing for a very relaxing overall experience. The game is somewhat short as it is the same endless set-up every time, but there are random layouts each time. Game Center is also included allowing you to shoot for high scores and achievements adding a bit of an incentive to keep playing.

On The Wind ($1.99, Universal) is unlike anything else in the App Store, and is perfectly suited for an engaging and relaxing experience for iOS. The game is a should buy, and it’s so good that we’re simply left wanting a little more variety.


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