One Epic Knight – Endlessly Running With Shining Armor

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Packed with action & challenge | Three lanes, shields, and swords set-up |

Another 3D endless runner | No checkpoints | Intrinsic repetitive nature

Are you ready to endlessly run as a knight through a trap filled castle? One Epic Knight is now available, and while it looks like a medieval themed Temple Run, there’s more to it than that. There’s the same 3D endless runner style, but there’s three lanes to run in, like Subway Surfers and Agent Dash. There’s also the new mechanic of running through obstacles with swords and shields you can pick up along the way. All of it makes for an action packed experience that does just enough to feel fresh despite the noticeable similarities.

First off, the game is instantly familiar with the swipe controls to move between lanes, turn corners, and slide below or jump over obstacles. The three lane set-up introduces more potential obstacles and challenge as there are more items to deal with because you move laterally so smoothly. The swords, shields, and enemies are great additions because you can choose to dodge or just run right through orcs, green blobs, and spinning blades. In fact, the game is bursting with variation in terms of all of the obstacles you will face to make each run feel unique.

You can only do so much with this genre because there have been so many variations, but One Epic Knight does a good job of standing out. The best aspect is that they nailed the gameplay balance for great challenge that entices you to go for another run the second you lose. There are also nice missions/achievements to aim for, and the graphic design is top notch. It would be nice to see some form of checkpoints to restart at tougher stretches, as we have seen restarting at the beginning so many times in 3D endless runners.

One Epic Knight (Free, iPhone) offers a shining example of how to keep the endless genre fresh, and provides a thoroughly engaging iOS game.


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