One Tap Tennis – A Quick Game Of Finger Tennis

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3/5

Quick action form of tennis | Short matches with neat checkpoint system

Overly simplified makes it a bit repetitive | Could use gameplay variations

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Tennis is a sport that requires a lot of activity to run down the ball, and hit it back. One Tap Tennis is a new iOS game that has simplified the game of tennis down to one tap to return the ball. Your player runs to position automatically, and you simply time your tap to hit the ball as it crosses over colored bars. It’s all about timing to tap when the ball is in the yellow section for a basic return shot, or in the orange section for double the points.
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Each match is just one point, and to get there, you need to fill the meter at the top of the screen with each returned shot. If you ever miss tapping in the colored section, then it’s defeat. The game is composed of a series of cups with each one consisting in a series of matches that you need to win to work your way up the ladder. One Tap Tennis adopts a set-up similar to Leap Day allowing you to watch video ads for checkpoints. In the case of One Tap Tennis, you can watch a video after each match you win, or press your luck to try to beat multiple opponents in a row, but one defeat sends you back to your last checkpoint. It’s a neat mechanic to let the player decide how they want to complete each cup with either multiple checkpoints, or one run through.

The main drawback with One Tap Tennis is that the tennis formula is simplified to the point that each match plays relatively the same. The speed the target line runs through the colored section increases, and the colored section moves from one shot to the next, but the gameplay remains relatively unchanged. Also, winning a match comes down to filling the meter at the top of the screen, regardless of any particular shot. Part of the enjoyment of any tennis game is the strategy in hitting the ball with lobs, volleys, smashes, and more to varying parts of the court, and that’s lost in One Tap Tennis. It would be nice to see some gameplay variations, as even the unlockable world ranking mode and challenge mode simply introduce speedy endless styles of the same timing set-up. It’s still a quick action fun challenge that competes more with the action genre than the sports genre.

One Tap Tennis (Free, Universal) is an entertaining quick action game that is worth picking up.

Free, Universal


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