Outfolded – Unwrapping A New Puzzle Challenge?

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Great level flow one into another | Compelling mechanic | Well thought out design

Levels can blend together a bit | Could use more variations later on

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Have you ever seen a cube unfolded with the six sides spread out like a “T”? Outfolded is a new iOS puzzle game that is all about unfolding shapes to travel from point A to point B. The game presents an endless number of puzzles as you’re given a scrolling grid to traverse. Each new level begins at the end of the previous level for one continuous experience. As you progress, you’re given new shapes, and more complex layouts to traverse.
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Outfolded starts each level with three shapes for you to use, and you simply swipe to unfold a given shape, one side at a time. You need to pick which of the three shapes to unfold at a time, and where one shape ends, another begins. The puzzles are two fold as you need to unfold a shape for maximum distance between point A and B, and then you need to unfold the shapes in the right order. It’s great to see a solution come together, especially as later levels usually have one right solution.

The best part of Outfolded is the level structure with each level connected together. The set-up keeps you consistently engaged, so that you can get lost going from level to level as you start the next level where the previous ended. the core mechanic is relatively unique for iOS, and more importantly it requires you to think. There’s a nice difficulty curve to keep you consistently challenged without feeling overwhelmed, or with little resistance. It’s simply en enjoyable puzzle mechanic that introduces subtle variations as you go with more complex shapes to unfold across a landscape with new gaps to traverse.

Outfolded (Free, Universal) is a well thought out puzzle challenge that will keep you entertained for awhile.

Free, Universal


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