Overkill 2 – Blasting Away All Over Again

2.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 1.5/5

Smooth controls | Action packed | Great 3D design

Extremely repetitive | Very basic gameplay | Excessive grind to get new stuff | Always the same

Craneballs Studios makes some outstanding iOS games with Blimp, Fish Heroes, 33rd Division, SuperRope, Superfall, and Overkill. Their latest game is a follow-up in the form of Overkill 2, which delivers more of the highly detailed first person shooter action. Overkill 2 uses the same style as the original that is more target practice as your position is fixed with enemies walking in from each side of the screen. The simple set-up, allows for controls that are effortless to use as you aim, and fire at the enemies with two thumbs, in a game that aligns more with carnival shooters than shooter adventures.

The heart of Overkill 2 is battling through waves of enemies to upgrade your weaponry to do some more killing. There are over 30 realistic guns to unlock as you progress, and each one can be upgraded in multiple ways related to the scope, chamber, and clip. There’s an overload of action to say the least with some tough enemies to take down, making the weapon upgrades a key component of the game. All of the action is presented extraordinarily well with such detailed 3D graphics of the environments, enemies and of course, kills.

The entire experience is designed for micro bits of gameplay that tries to blend the casual nature of the general iOS player with a much more hardcore gameplay style of shooting. The balance doesn’t work that well as the end result is a basic experience that becomes very repetitive quickly. You end up playing in the same environment for 20 stages in a row looking at the same exact scene, and simply moving in shooting in basic target practice style. It’s as rudimentary as a shooting game can be, and you have to grind your way through it to unlock new weapons, the survival mode, and just two additional locations. You can always buy your way ahead with in-app purchases, but the gameplay never changes with new weapons or locations.

Overkill 2 (Free, Universal) is overly redundant giving you the same basic thing to do over, and over as though it was some tedious chore rather than a game, making it one to steer clear of.


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One Comment on "Overkill 2 – Blasting Away All Over Again"

  1. Vous April 19, 2013 at 1:56 AM -

    I guess it was kind of repetitive after while, but have you tried the new multiplayer? Brings fresh breeze into the gameplay, you should try it!

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