Paper Monsters – A Classic In Every Sense

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Length: 3.5/5

Outstanding classic platforming style | Exceptional design | So many great elements

Pacing is a bit slow | Not too many challenges

The platformer genre includes some of the most well known games of all time including Mario, Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, Mega Man, and Little Big Planet game among so many others. The App Store has a number of platformers that range from retro to new age innovative games taking advantage of the touch screen. Paper Monsters is the newest entry into the genre, and delivers 2.5D platforming action with 3D environments and characters with 2D movement. This game embodies the classic platformers, and delivers it all to iOS with beautifully designed worlds.

As soon as you fire up Paper Monsters you instantly recognize the game style, and you can tell you’re in for something special. The game is a cross of Paper Mario and Little Big Planet that is a bit scaled down for iOS. The controls are straight forward and smooth as you run across the various worlds, jumping between gaps and exploring all the extra landscape. It seems that there are always new offshoots to explore with buttons, golden paper clips, and hidden areas to find. The game includes four different worlds with 16 intricate levels that take quite a bit to get through.

The actual gameplay isn’t the most imaginative, but you don’t need to change the game mechanics that have with stood the test of time, and still deliver a great game. There are just so many classic elements to interact with including transport pipes, moving platforms, double jumps, bouncing on enemies, secret areas, and huge boss battles. One drawback is that the game moves at a somewhat slower pace, and it seems just a click faster would make it so much more challenging. The game is on the easy side, especially with the traditional overall nature, gaps between dangerous sequences, and overall slower pacing.

Paper Monsters ($0.99, Universal) is a should buy for the price that just may be the best traditional platformer in the App Store.

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