Pastry Paradise – Pastry Crush Saga From Gameloft

2.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2/5
Design: 3/5
Duration: 1.5/5

Highly polished design | Lots to play

Bland, and boring gameplay | Just more treat swapping to match | Nothing to keep you playing


If you just haven’t had enough crushing of candy, Gameloft has an all new treat for you allowing you to match pastries. Pastry Paradise is a baked goods match three game that gives you a ton of levels spread across Gingerbread Gardens, Strawberry Fields, Wafer Woods, Mt. Mudcake, and more. There’s a lot going on in Pastry Paradise, but through all of the nuances, you can’t escape the similarities to Candy Crush. There’s the Bejeweled style of swapping items to make matches of at least three with matches of four creating row & column clear, and matches of five making color clears. You have a limited number of moves to reach the given objective, and it has all been seen before.
Pastry Paradise still has a few changes beginning with the ability to swap goods diagonally to make more potential matches. You can’t make diagonal matches, just move the pastries in an extra direction. There are also boss battles, where you try to take control of a given number of tiles before your opponent reaches that plateau. The game also features specific objectives to match ingredients to bake items, or match particular pastries to serve demanding customers. Pastry Paradise also features a great deal of polish to depict all the matching action, but it never escapes being a pastry version of Candy Crush.

Not only is it extremely similar in terms of match three style, but it’s also bland, and boring. There’s no real challenge in completing the objectives to the point that you can doze off while swapping pastries. The clone nature isn’t that problematic since it’s just a clone of Candy Crush, which itself is a clone of Bejeweled. The main problem is that the gameplay just isn’t very interesting, or compelling to make you want to play through all of the included levels. It’s ironic that the story of the game revolves around stopping Mr. Moelleux from filling the world with cheap bland baked goods, when that’s essentially what Gameloft is doing just replacing baked goods with mobile games. I understand why Gameloft would make a Candy Crush style game to try to get a piece of the profitable pie, but I don’t understand why a player would spend time with such a cookie cutter assembly line creation.

Pastry Paradise (Free, Universal) doesn’t bring anything new to the table making it one to skip with a real lack of creativity, and enjoyment.

Free, Universal


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