Patchwork The Game – Piecing Together A Fun New Board Game?

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Accessible and inviting style | Nice strategy and puzzle elements | Multiple ways to play

Games can play out relatively similar | There can be some slow stretches as the board develops

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Patchwork is a board game about putting fabric pieces together to create a connected quilt, and do so better than your opponent. The game has now made the transition to iOS in its full form with the added benefit of all the pieces stored on your device to play locally or online. Patchwork The Game is relatively simple to understand with an opening tutorial to get you up and running if you’re unfamiliar with the board game. The main idea is that you need to collect buttons that you exchange for pieces of fabric, and you need to position the fabric pieces Tetris style to fill in the guided game board.
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Patchwork features an inventive style, and friendly design for anyone to pick up and play. It’s accessible to bring people in, but there’s a nice amount of strategy and depth as you figure out the intricacies of the game. Each fabric piece costs buttons and turns, with additional turns letting your opponent potentially get two fabric pieces as you wait. There’s a traditional game board included to move your pieces around. There’s a constant balance of button and turn cost versus how big of a piece you get, how many buttons you can earn, and how many spaces to move to potentially pick up more buttons. You even have the ability to pass a turn to try to get some more buttons for your next turn.

Patchwork does a good job of integrating a few puzzle ideas into one game, and it’s all relatively straightforward and familiar. You can try out a few different strategies against the computer player at different difficulties, or against a friend on the same device or online. Once you feel ready, you can try a ranked match for competitive online play. There are multiple ways to play, and a nice setting option to play at slow, normal, or fast pace, with each one setting the time of the transitions between each move. It’s a well thought out experience that fits well on iOS, while being a well done board game in its own right.

Patchwork: The Game ($2.99, Universal) pieces together the right elements for an enjoyable digital board game that is well worth picking up.


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