Peter Panic – Singing Along To Greatness On iOS

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Amazing craftsmanship and detail | Great story with outstanding lyrics | Engaging rapid fire gameplay

The accessible story doesn't always fit with the challenging gameplay | Occasional unresponsiveness

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The main genres of the App Store are jam packed with different games, but one genre that isn’t represented is the musical. Peter Panic is a new iOS game that delivers a music storyline as young Peter tries to revitalize his local theater with a production of Peter Pan. To do so, he will need help from the neighborhood, but in exchange he will have to help out at the factory, museum, school, and more. There are musical style cut scenes to introduce each new area, and it develops into an overarching storyline of sinister happenings behind the closure of the local theater.
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Peter Panic bursts into song right when you launch it to set the stage for what’s in store. The game is unlike anything else in the App Store to deliver a full musical story packaged as a game with retro art. There’s so much detail that has gone into creating the game with fully composed music and written songs that are both entertaining and humorous. This is the type of experience that you want to set aside time for in a quiet place like you’re sitting down to watch a movie. There’s just so much personality packed into every pixel on screen, and it’s all accentuated with the wonderful music and outstanding vocals for each character. The story keeps you fully engaged in the game, and keeps you coming back to witness each new section of the musical to strive to find out what happens.

So far, we haven’t even mentioned the game aspects of Peter Panic, and that’s because the musical aspects are so outstanding, unique, and creative. Peter Panic takes cues from Wario Ware with a series of quick action mini-games, that have been popularized on iOS with Dumb Ways To Die. You’re given a single verb, and you need to use various touch actions to respond. It’s such a fun mechanic with fresh randomness thrown at you that you first need to figure out what to do, and then do it. The games offer variety and challenge at a rapid pace, and they’re all accompanied by a great background soundtrack.
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Each area in the town includes a new set of rapid fire mini-games to make your way through, and you need to complete 15 before you run out of lives to open up the next area. You will no doubt have to replay a few times, and one problem with the game is that it does trend towards the more difficult end of the scale. The musical aspect makes for an engaging set-up that has wider appeal than a traditional game. The problem is that the challenge of the rapid fire mini-games may prevent some from advancing through the musical. The musical storyline should be experienced by all, and while the gameplay is fun, it’s not a style for everyone. Peter Panic is completely free to play, and there’s a $2.99 in-app purchase to unlock game saves. The musical you’re given is outstanding, and well worth $3, especially since you have probably paid more for stories that aren’t of this quality.

Peter Panic (Free, Universal) is a remarkable experience that easily stands out in a crowded App Store making it a music have.

Free, Universal


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