PinWar – Playing Pinball Head To Head

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Head to head pinball gameplay | Great art style | Battles & missions available solo & co-op

No online multiplayer | Tables are relatively basic

The classic arcade is filled with head to head games from Pong to Air Hockey. One staple of the classic arcade is Pinball, but the extend of multiplayer in Pinball is an alternating turn score fest. PinWar sets to change that with head to head pinball action all geared towards same device multiplayer. Pinball has seen a number of variations, but PinWar introduces head to head battles, co-op missions, and a table editor.

PinWar really takes the classic arcade feel to new heights as the game adds stylized neon graphics, pong back and forth gameplay, and even Breakout style bricks to blast through. There’s a whole lot to dive into with PinWar as there’s battle and mission mode allowing you to play head to head with two players on one device, or single player against the AI. There are over 100 different missions to play through, and you have the option to play solo or co-op.

The game also features 20 unique tables to play on with some outlandish layouts. As mentioned earlier, there’s also a level editor to create your own tables to play with the same style. In each battle, you can play with up to five balls at once, and with up to ten lives for each player. There’s simply great customization features on top of the deluxe content. The main drawback is that the game is more like head to head breakout or air hockey, but with flippers. The tables are completely seen at once, and the best part of pinball is the intricacies of the tables to have intrinsic replayability. The tables are so simple, that there’s not much incentive to battle more than once or twice on any given table.

PinWar ($1.99, Universal) reinvents the classic arcade for iOS devices, and delivers some great multiplayer action that can also be enjoyed alone. The game is begging for online multiplayer based on the set-up, but is still a good game without it. PinWar is worth picking up for a brand new way to play pinball.


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