Pitfall – Classic Rebirth Revitalizes The iOS Endless Genre

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Adventure feel | Great pacing & action | Outstanding design & shifting camera | Checkpoints

Upgrade & checkpoint token prices are steep | Has checkpoints, but requires consumable currency

Pitfall is such a classic that it’s celebrating a 30 year anniversary, and in doing so has released a brand new iOS version. Pitfall for iOS is instantly familiar because it offers a Temple Run style with the 3D endless runner, and explorer/Indiana Jones theme (though Pitfall has long had that). This review isn’t concerned with Pitfall’s roots, and instead is judging it purely as an iOS game, and it definitely excels. First and foremost, the game offers outstanding action throughout that is accessible through the familiar swipe controls.

You will jump, slide, turn, and more through jungles, caves, the inside of a volcano, and more. There’s simply so much going on at once, and that includes enemies to dispose of, ropes to swing across, and shifting environments. All of the action is delivered beautifully with a great 3D design, and an outstanding camera angle. There’s a side view for certain sequences in addition to the behind the shoulder view. The camera angle pits you in the action at some stretches, and provides a whole new experience when off to the side. There are also various stretches that see shifting environments including falling trees, exploding buildings, and collapsing caves all while you’re running for your life.

Pitfall feels like the natural evolution of the endless runner and takes it a step further by providing more of a platformer/adventure feel. The highlight of the game is the different environments to run through, a bit like Agent Dash, but with the addition of checkpoints. That means you can restart in the cave, on the mine cart in the middle of the volcano, and every 2000 meters. One drawback is that you need consumable Macaw coins to restart at a checkpoint, but you can earn them without in-app purchases. There’s reason to keep running because there are new environments and mechanics awaiting you as you further advance through the game. It’s great to ride in the mine cart, or ride on a motorcycle, as well as run through buildings and shacks.

Pitfall offers surprising depth for the genre, and really takes the endless runner to the next level, which we’ve all been waiting for. The iOS reboot may not tie too closely to the game’s roots, but it’s simply enjoyable each time you play. The action sequences and pacing are superb, and it’s great to witness the beautifully designed 3D environments whiz by with the creative camera angles.

Pitfall ($0.99, Universal) is an excellent iOS experience that is a should buy, and the next phase of exhilarating dashes.


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