PKTBALL – Ping Pong With A Speedy Arcade Twist

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Fast paced back and forth action | Interesting scoring system | Themed unlockable characters

Limited long term duration with the endless set-up | A bit on the tougher side

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Pong started an era, and there have been many new ideas based on that classic. PKTBALL is a new game from the makers of Hopiko and Alone… that provides ping pong with a fast paced, touch based, arcade twist. You’re given a top down court to hit the ball back and forth on, and to do so, you simply slide your finger to the ball and release. You can keep your finger on screen to drag to the ball and release for a slow return shot, or quickly swipe towards the ball for a speed return shot. It takes a bit to get used to the second method, but once you do, it can allow for quick back and forth as you swipe into the ball, rather than dragging your player into position.
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PKTBALL doesn’t simply rely on most goals wins, and instead adds an arcade scoring system to the mix for an all new challenge. You score a point for each time you return the ball, and each goal you score increases your multiplier. If you score consecutive goals, a return shot can be worth more than one point to allow you to compete on the online leaderboards. It’s a unique scoring system for a sports game that takes cues from more traditional arcade games to give added replay incentive, rather than just trying to score more goals than an opponent with an intrinsic reward. The high score challenge gives you two balls, and if the opponent scores two goals, it’s game over. There are also power-ups to add to the hectic action giving you a blaster shot, mega sized player, extra ball, and more.

The main game presents you with an AI opponent, but there’s also a local multiplayer option for two, three, or four people to gather around a single iOS device. PKTBALL includes 20 PKTBUDDIES to unlock with each one offering a new court to play on. The new characters give you a little more reason to replay, especially as each new theme is applied to every aspect of the game. The core game is a fun and fast paced twist on ping pong that allows for chaos management at times to keep the ball in play with high speeds. The endless high score challenge is a neat and well executed idea, though there are some limitations for long term duration on your device.

PKTBALL (Free, Universal) is an intense arcade challenge that is well worth picking up.

Free, Universal


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