Pocket God Ooga Jump – Revitalizing A Fallen Genre

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Multiple challenge stages | Plenty of personality | A lot goes into replayability

Inherent repetition in endless jumping | One time use upgrades


Pocket God had quite an impact on the App Store as it became one of the most popular apps around a couple years ago. The app has been updated with 47 major new episodes to completely change what’s included, and now iOS users expect great free updates. It’s been awhile since Pocket God was relevant, but now there’s a brand new spin off with Pocket God: Oooga Jump. It’s an endless jumping game that is actually based on episode 22 from Pocket God, when a Doodle Jump style mini-game was introduced. Pocket God: Ooga Jump is a stand-alone game that expands upon the original mini-game extensively, and even has a few new twists for the endless jumping genre as a whole.
The base game set-up is instantly familiar with an assortment of platforms to bounce on, and your pygmy character jumps automatically. You simply tilt to control direction, and then you’re off ascending to all new heights. What makes Oooga Jump stand out is that there are challenge sections every couple hundred feet to change up the style considerably. You will come across monkeys, meteorites, spiders, fire ants, and more dangers straight from the original Pocket God. Each one introduces a unique mechanic as you need to dodge meteorites, out jump monkeys, or outrun a spider when gravity is flipped. The nuances can’t be understated, as they revitalize a tired genre, and keep your interest to keep jumping with Ooga.

There’s also a special slam bounce ability activated by just tapping the screen to increase the speed, and force of your bounce. The move lets you get to higher levels relatively quickly, and reduces the minority of earlier stretches as you aim to beat your previous best. The usual endless trappings are included with objectives, temporary power-ups, upgrades, and in-app currency. There are also two additional unlockable environments with all of it adding together to keep you coming back for more. The Pocket God personality is there as well with unique death animations for each of the challenges, as well as stats recording your various deaths. It seemed impossible to make a new endless jumping game that was actually worthwhile, but that’s exactly what Bolt Creation has done. It’s also not just a simple clone with Pocket God branding either, which is a relief.

Pocket God: Ooga Jump ($0.99, Universal) is entertaining, challenging, and designed to keep things fresh making it a should buy that instantly leaps to the top of the endless jumping genre.


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  1. ben November 1, 2013 at 9:28 PM -

    I really liked that you included a video that really helped me understand the game play.

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