Potshot Pirates – Swashbuckling 3D Physics Puzzler

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 2/5

Great 3D design & physics engine | Easy to pick up and play

More of the same | Adds nothing new to the genre | Bland & repetitive | Extremely easy

The physics puzzle genre may be the most popular in the App Store, and it has come to the point that they all start to meld together. Potshot Pirates is a new physics puzzler from Chillingo that provides a 3D design. Again there are structures to topple, villains to smack, and characters to launch. Potshot Pirates offers pirates to launch against tribe members on little islands, and there are 100 levels of 3D toppling action. The game is instantly familiar to Chillingo’s other 3D physics puzzler, Catapult King, and it also bears resemblance to Fish Heroes.

In Potshot Pirates there are various islands with structures to knock down, and there are different pirate types with unique abilities. There are also special power-ups to use for extra destruction, and all of it is just so familiar. You do have the ability to rotate the camera 360 degrees since you’re on a ship firing upon an island, and that ability changes up the strategy a little. There are also deluxe 3D graphics that are highly polished, and the physics engine is superb as the structure topple.

The biggest drawback is that we have seen this style so many times before. With so many physics puzzlers out there, it becomes so predictable from the outset of any new game in the genre. With any experience with similar games it’s effortless to spot the weak points in structures, and exactly how a structure will topple. There are only so many levels that can be crafted for this style, so even though the levels are from a different developer, they’re solved in the same way. There’s no puzzle or challenge aspect so you’re just going through the motions in similar puzzles with the same rate of introduction for new characters to use, and new block types.

Potshot Pirates ($0.99, Universal) isn’t a bad game, it’s just more of the same, and that’s a big enough problem to not recommend it.


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