ProCamera 7 – Capturing Everything Like A Pro

4.0 Overall Score
Usability: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Tons of features | Accessible layout | Multiple modes to nail different situations

Have to remember to use it | Can be a bit overwhleming


Apple’s stock camera app was updated for iOS 7, but it’s feature set still leaves considerable room for improvement. ProCamera 7 is jam packed with features for considerable improvement, and it has also been updated for iOS 7. The app has almost everything you could want from a camera, and offers some professional photography tools right on your iOS device. ProCamera offers specialized utilities for both before shooting, and after shooting editing to be an all in one resource for your iPhone photography. When you first launch the app, you notice that the interface is de-cluttered with flat translucent camera control buttons on the side of the screen. Despite all of the features, the app intelligently keeps them out of the way until you call upon them.
ProCamera 7 features special modes for photography, video, and night time capture. In the default photo mode, you have access to separate focus, and exposure points, plus white balance lock. There’s support for anti-shake, self-timer, rapid fire burst mode, and more. You can also view live ISO and shutter speed data, the tiltmeter, grid lines, different aspect ratios, and full screen mode. Once you’re in video mode, there’s smooth video focus, real time video zoom, and slow motion capture with max frames per second dependent upon your device. Finally, in night mode, it’s a special function that lets you manually drop shutter speed, and is designed to take noise free photos at night. It’s a feature rich camera to say the least, and that’s just before shooting. Once you have your photos, you can apply over 50 different filters, and access a complete editing suite to swipe to make image adjustments.

The entire app is reminiscent of the great KitCam, which has sadly been removed from the App Store. Now, there’s an all new choice, and you really notice the difference between ProCamera 7, and the stock camera app when you look at the results. The night time photos show much greater quality with ProCamera 7. The anti-shake feature combined with setting different focus & exposure points makes for greatly improved day time photos. Videos are also a lot cleaner, and since ProCamera 7 includes such a total package, you don’t need individual apps for slow motion, video filters, photo editing, and other simple tasks that are included.
The one main drawback, the developers have no control over, and it’s the fact that the iPhone camera is all about quick access, and Apple offers a quick shortcut to the stock camera on the lock screen, which no other developer can access. You have to purposefully think to use ProCamera 7, and while it’s an upgrade over Apple’s stock camera app, convenience still wins out. You want to try to remember to use ProCamera 7, but if you’re used to using the iOS camera shortcuts then you may miss out on some potentially better photos. Another problem is that taking better photos, does require some more set-up, so when you go into ProCamera 7 it may take longer than simply snapping the shutter button in the stock camera app. You have to remember where some of the features are in ProCamera 7, and it can be a little overwhelming at first, or when you need a photo in a pinch. Still though, there’s so much to make it easily worth $1.

ProCamera 7 ($0.99, iPhone) is a should buy which has everything to make it your new go to camera app.


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  1. Bud December 11, 2013 at 12:05 PM -

    Thanks for the review. It helped me greatly to decide whether to buy a camera app. You should note, however, the app is $4.99 not $0.99.

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