Pudding Monsters – Your Fingers Will Be Stuck To The Screen

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Super engaging gameplay | Exceptional design & polish | Great balance of new elements & difficulty

Can't wait for updates to add to the 75 levels | Goes by quickly


Cut The Rope came out back in October of 2010, and instantly you could tell it was special as it really nailed every aspect of a game. The main highlight was the amount of polished applied to a relatively simple game that added creative challenges at a brilliant pace. The interesting thing is that ZeptoLab has a brand new game entitled Pudding Monsters, and the same exact things can be said about it. Pudding Monsters is a new puzzle game that introduces a familiar genre all about sliding pieces that don’t stop until they collide with something, and adds some unique twists. You begin with several pudding pieces, and your goal is to slide them altogether to make one large pudding monster.

Just like Cut The Rope, there’s a cute main character, simple storyline, and a ton of polish. The art design is superb, the tutorials are brilliant, the replay button is instantaneous, and the animations are as finely crafted as possible. Pudding Monsters starts off nice and simple for absolutely anyone to gain the basic understanding of the game. Then there are new elements and complexities introduced every so often, but each one feels like a natural progression that is so intuitive to pick up and understand that a simple image is the only tutorial you need. ZeptoLab is an absolute expert at making a game so accessible that offers so many new various intricacies that are perfectly balanced so that it’s never too tough or too easy.

At launch, there are 75 levels, and we know ZeptLab will add more through updates just like they have for Cut The Rope and Cut The Rope Experiments. The levels are split between three environments, and again every few levels introduces new elements, whether it’s pieces that leave a sticky trail, are asleep, move together, or separate. Each level can be solved relatively easily for casual gamers, but more experienced puzzle players will appreciate the significant challenge in getting three stars. Each level has three stars on the board, and you want to stick together all the pieces so that the full monster lands on all three stars. It’s quite a rewarding experience in some of the extreme challenges, and it’s great to see the final goofy pudding monster composed of multiple eyes.

Pudding Monsters is perfectly suited for iOS and truly nails every single aspect of a game. It’s the type of game that as soon as you play the first level you’re hooked, and you’ll thoroughly enjoy playing through all of the included levels. There’s so much personality and charm packed into every bit of the game, and it’s so great to slide each puzzle piece to craft a larger and larger pudding monster. There’s so much creativity in the level design, and special pudding types that keeps things fresh throughout.

Pudding Monsters ($0.99, iPhone / $0.99, iPad) is a must buy that will keep your fingers stuck to the screen as you savor each wonderfully crafted puzzle.

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