Pug’s Quest – Descent Into A Dog Adventure

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3/5

Engaging puzzle platformer gameplay | Fresh start each time

Low incentive for long term replay | Emphasizes score chase, but even it is unbalanced

pugs_quest - 3

There are various types of heroes in video games, and yet a pug is a relative new one. Pug’s Quest is a new iOS game that pits you as a pug trying to save his friend, who has been dog-napped. The game presents you with a floor by floor challenge with each individual floor offering a puzzle platformer type challenge. The overall flow is similar to a dungeon crawler with each floor presenting a unique challenge with unknown dangers and collectable loot in the form of dog treats.
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Pug’s Quest includes 90 rooms to play through with three world types, yet the floors are presented randomly in an endless fashion. Each time you play, you start off with a random level, and you try to play for as long as you can. Once you die, you restart at the beginning, but it will likely be a brand new level. On one side, you’re given a fresh challenge each time you play. On the flip side though, you have an endless set-up that sets you back to floor one, rather than letting you progress through all 90 levels.

The end result is a high score challenge in which collecting dog treats is more important than the number of floors you clear. You can go through a run of multiple floors with few treats and score less than in a run in which you clear half the number of floors, but those floors randomly give you more treats. The core puzzle platformer gameplay with the floor based set-up is enjoyable and intriguing at the outset. There’s limited long term duration on your device simply because the goal is score, rather than clearing all of the included levels. There’s not much incentive to replay after a few runs. The game does include a nice stylized pixel art design coupled with smooth swipe controls to move the pug.

Pug’s Quest ($2.99, Universal) offers up engaging puzzle platformer challenge that is worth picking up.

$2.99, Universal


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