Punch Quest – Packs A Plethora Of Proverbial Punches

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Over the top punching action | Super engaging game style | Great retro design

On the button mashing side | Could use levels or another mode

Arcade fighting games are classic for a reason, and that’s because they deliver amazing action, and provide tons of power to the player as they mash various buttons. Punch Quest is a retro inspired fighting game that delivers a side scrolling beat ‘em up style with just two on screen buttons. Your goal is to simply punch your way through everything in sight with jabs, uppercuts, slams, and more. The game is set-up with an endless nature, but there’s also forking pathways allowing each endless punch fest to be different.

The highlight of Punch Quest is that it absolutely nails the “one one more time” attitude so that the second you lose you think of replaying to best your last effort. The punching action is really engaging with multiple enemies on screen at once with many ready to attack you as well. The forking pathways can lead to punch multiplier sequences, boss battles, treasure troves, or special modes including raptor laser and magical gnome runs. There’s never a dull moment with so much on screen at all times, and you’re never overwhelmed due to the simple and smooth control scheme.

The gameplay is simply so well designed as you build up consecutive punch combos to extreme levels, and punched enemies can collide into others down the road for chain reactions of punching destruction. All of the action is delivered beautifully on retina devices with finely created retro stylized artwork, and plenty of charm and personality added to the punching animations. Each run introduces new aspects, and also earns you coins to unlock new punch moves to help your next run. The game also comes from Rocketcat games (makers of Hook Champ, Super QuickHook, Hook Worlds, and Mage Gauntlet), which means there are a plethora of unlockable hats to customize and enhance your character.

Punch Quest (Free, Universal) is about punching, but also questing so that there are always three quests to shoot for to upgrade your character. The game is free with extremely optional in-app purchases that you can actually ignore without any impact on your enjoyment. Punch Quest is a must buy that just may be the best action game in the App Store that you will love of every punch of.


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