Quadropus Rampage – A Shallow Beat Down In The Depths

3.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 2.5/5

Action packed beat down | Tons of character | Nice upgrade chain and unlockable weapons

Action buttons aren't the smoothest | Endless repetition | No checkpoints


Imagine playing as an enraged four legged cephalopod battling back the creatures of the deep that are trying to arise from the abyss following the lead of Pete, the evil god of the sea. It’s a crazy premise, but may be less outlandish than the developer’s last game Towelfight 2: The Monocle of Destiny, which had you shooting animals out of a monocle to settle a dispute between the gods. Quadropus Rampage follows Towelfight nicely in that they both deliver plenty of character, similar art style, and action packed nature. There’s a different gameplay set-up in Quadropus that is a bit like the adventure brawler Bastion, but transformed into an endless arena style.
You continuously descend into the depths by crushing all of the progressively more difficult enemies at a particular depth. It’s an endless assault to reach Pete, but if you lose along the way you start right back at the top. There are plenty of upgrades and unlockables along the way including a new weapon at every depth, and each one has such a creative title. You also can upgrade your Quadropus’ abilities with the orbs you earn in game, and the achievements are directly tied to special abilities. All of it helps to keep on descending, but there’s a great deal of intrinsic replayability due to the action packed nature. The game is balanced very well, so that there’s a constant challenge that never feels too easy or too hard, but just right.

The second you lose, you want to dive right back into your descent, and beat down those sea creatures that just got the best of you. It’s simply classic brawler gameplay infused with an overload of personality to make you want to keep hitting those enemies. The main drawback is that since the game is free to play, you can use purchasable coins to continue your descent to Pete. Since that’s the case, there are no checkpoints to let you not have to slog through the same boring first 100 meters. Another problem is the controls, as the virtual joystick works fine, but the action buttons are all fused together. I found myself having to look down at the controls to tap the specific buttons to dodge, slam, or bubble block beyond the easy tap to attack larger button. The most annoying factor though is just the repetitive endless nature that feels so shallow

Quadropus Rampage (Free, Universal) is a frenetic, fresh, and fun action packed assault that keeps throwing things at you. The main problems revolve around lasting enjoyment, and the game is just too shallow to outright recommend, though it’s worth considering if you liked the personality of Towelfight, or enjoy action packed brawlers. Quadropus Rampage has the potential to be great, but leaves it untapped.


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