Rally-X Rumble – Retro Rebirth With Riveting Gameplay

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Controls: 1/5

Fast paced challenging gameplay | Great neon graphics

Terrible controls that hamper enjoyment | Limited multiplayer at the moment

Game Info

APP NAME: Rally-X Rumble

DEVELOPER(S): NamcoBandai Games

GENRE(S): Arcade, Racing

RELEASE DATE(S): August 18th, 2011

What do you get when you take the classic Rally-X arcade game, and cross it with Tron’s Light cycles? You get Rally-X Rumble which is Namco’s newest retro reborn title, and launched in the App Store today. The new Rally-X version is similar to Pac-Man Championship Edition as the basics return, but have new neon flare, and gameplay style. Rally-X combines a racing game with Pac-Man so you drive through mazes collecting flags, and avoiding opponent cars. The game has a new neon art style with a light trail following your car just like with Tron’s light cycles.

Rally-X Rumble comes with four modes including classic which offers the same arcade gameplay, but with updated graphics. S-Mode is the same style, but limited to a two minute score attack. There is a neat new point battle which is a bit similar to tag where one car can collect flags, and all the others try to knock into that car, and take the flag collecting power. Finally, there is paint the town mode, where each player tries to drive the course, and color the track with a majority of their color.

The two new multiplayer modes can be played either against the computer, local multiplayer, or online multiplayer. The point battle is great fun and challenge whether you’re trying to keep the power or go crash into the car that has it. Paint the town lights up the screen in colors as you try to cover the most ground, and make sure opponents don’t color over your track. The two classic arcade modes bring all that old school fun to iOS as you try to collect every flag in a level, and stay out in front of your opponents.

The game is just so challenging with opponents looking to crash into you as you try to maneuver through a closed course. Luckily you have a smoke screen trail you can leave behind, and you can view the map to see where all the remaining flags and opponents are. You also need to be conscious of your fuel level, because if you run out, it’s game over. The graphics style is exquisite with the neon style, and the visuals look great on the retina display or iPad.

Rally-X Rumble has all the makings to be great, but there are a couple of things that drag it down. A minor issue is the Game Center online multiplayer, which is a great addition, but it’s tough to find matches because there isn’t much of a user base. The major problem is the control scheme which is so bad that it hampers your enjoyment. There are three different control options, but each one made me miss turns, or take turns I didn’t want. The controls were the primary reason I lost lives, and they really get in the way of an otherwise outstanding gaming experience.

Rally-X Rumble ($0.99, Universal) has outstanding gameplay across four fun filled modes that provide retro and multiplayer fun. The graphics style is great to see, and it further enhances the action packed and challenging gameplay. The online multiplayer has potential to be great, but there’s so few users at this point. The ultimate problem is the control scheme which makes the game frustrating to play.

Rally-X Rumble does everything well except for the controls, but controls are so important to a game. You can’t fully enjoy the great gameplay or graphics while being irritated by the controls which makes this game worth skipping.


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