Random Heroes – Action Platformer With Tons Of Tapping

2.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2/5
Design: 2.5/5
Duration: 2/5

Traditional style | Nice retro design | Good action sequences

Tedious tapping | Levels blend together | Enemies require so many shots | Steep weapon upgrade prices

Some game genres are classics, and one in particular is the action platformer. It made sense for Ravenous Games, the makers of League of Evil, to make another action platformer with retro graphics to connect with the classics of the past. Random Heroes pits you as just one random man trying to blast your way through tons of other dimension invaders. Each of the 30 levels delivers plenty of enemies and jumps, and focuses on traditional elements.

All you can do is jump or shoot your way through, and the enemies require a lot of shots to take down. The control scheme is familiar as it’s similar to League of Evil, but it’s not quite as precise. The main problem with the game is that it becomes a tedious button masher as you repeatedly tap the shoot button, as the enemies require about ten shots to begin with. You will need to upgrade your weapon to survive, but you earn coins at a very slow pace relative to the weapon upgrade cost. Even the first few upgrades still require multiple taps to dispatch the enemies.

The game is definitely difficult, but most of the challenge arises from monotonously tapping the fire button. You’re also not given much room to fire, so you can only get in a couple of shots before dodging the enemy to get into another position to fire some more. The game also lacks the ability to strafe, so you can’t fire in the opposite direction you’re moving which adds to the tediousness. There are 10 unlockable weapons, and 15 unlockable characters to aim for, but it will take a long time. Almost every level blends together, and they all end up playing exactly the same.

Random Heroes ($0.99, Universal) feels as basic as can be for an action platformer with no engaging qualities. It’s a bland effort that is tedious more than anything else, and such a drop off from League of Evil 2. Random Heroes is one to steer clear of as there’s much more hassle than enjoyment.


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One Comment on "Random Heroes – Action Platformer With Tons Of Tapping"

  1. Kobal April 20, 2013 at 6:07 PM -

    Totally disagree. Random Heroes is one of the best platformers I’ve played on iOS. Is fun to play and is not hard buying and upgrading stuff. This is the first review here in wich I need to comment because I think you’re in a mistake.

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