Random Runners – A Random Assortment Of Stumbles

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3/5
Design: 2.5/5
Duration: 2/5

Combines endless mode & levels | Fast paced action | Improves upon Random Heroes

Repetitive level design | Controls can be unresponsive | Unbalanced characters


There’s a wide catalog with which to make new games from, and Ravenous Games has focused on action platformers of the past. Their latest game is actually based on their previous creations Random Heroes 1 & 2. Random Runners offers up a faster paced version of Random Heroes with a similar slew of characters to play as, but now the characters run automatically instead of with manual controls. The game gives you just a jump, slide, and shoot button at your disposal to allow the levels to have a much better flow. Random Heroes really suffered because there was so much repetitive tapping, and Random Runners really rectifies that.
The best feature of Random Runners is that is doesn’t just include a straight endless game, and instead there are 45 levels with actual finish lines. There are also three different endless modes to tie into the three environments in the game. Each level has three collectible stars, and there are also coins and diamonds scattered about. There are 26 characters, and 11 weapons to unlock with the collectibles, and they all have differing stats. The characters can have better jumping ability, or HP, while the guns can offer more damage potential, or better firing rate. The problem with this set-up is that the initial characters which offer the first impression of the game are severely under powered, providing frustration from the get go. The character can’t even make the basic jumps in the game, and the gun can’t blast through enemies before you approach them.

It’s deflating to start the game with such limits, but luckily it can be rectified relatively quickly as you earn the collectibles easy enough. With that said, the problem isn’t completely corrected as even slightly better characters still barely make most jumps, while missing some. The weapons suffer the same fate, and the balancing is the biggest issue with the game. Most of the levels just aren’t designed with fast pace in mind, and there are numerous instances of stumbling blocks. The levels also are relatively repetitive, and mundane to make them all sort of blend together. There’s nothing new to see after about a few levels, and the game as a whole offers nothing different than anything else on the App Store. It’s great to see the combination of levels, and endless mode, but the gameplay just feels uninspired and lacks any engagement to keep playing. There are also numerous instances where the touch control points are unresponsive, and just one mishap can ruin a run.

Random Runners ($0.99, Universal) doesn’t stand out in any regard, and while it’s not necessarily a bad game, it’s just not good making it one to skip.


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